From my previous posts, I’m sure it’s already obvious that my first semester of college was an excruciating one.

While I constantly foul-mouth the struggles I endured during majority of those 16 weeks, now that I’ve been relaxing during break, I’ve come to realize that I’m ultimately grateful for every bit of experience, for better and for worse.

On the brighter side of things, having such a challenging first semester led me to feel thankful to have the time now to finally breath. The last two years of high school were a whirlwind in preparation of college, and first semester itself was no easy experience. I’ve been swept up in APs, SATs, ACTs, volunteering, working, finals, tutoring, interning… I’ve forgotten what it feels like to simply relax and enjoy the time that I have with my family and friends. This break has led to so many opportunities for me to reconnect with friends that decided to pursue school outside of our home state. I’ve been able to make time for my family, and bond with them all through the holidays and simply by being home altogether. I’ve even managed to get my life back on track in preparation for my future goals.

By being able to enjoy this breather in my life, I’ve put things back into my own perspective to be able to experience this new year with a renewed and refreshed mindset.




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