Time to… Grow Up?

I’ve been home for over a month now.

I’ve loved being able to focus on myself, and not having to worry about a lot of things since it is summer vacation. However, being home means being back under the control of my parents. Compared to my two older brothers, my parents and I have a different dynamic. That being said, it’s also because I’m the only girl and the youngest of the family. They baby me, and while it’s sometimes nice since it admittedly enables me to get my way in certain situations, I’m 19 and this isn’t what I want to come home to after four months of being on my own.

I know it’s expected for all college students to feel this way, especially after coming home after feeling so independent in college. While there are small improvements in me transitioning from asking permission from them to go out to just telling them that I’m going out, they still feel the need to ask who I’ll go with when in reality they don’t know majority of my friends anymore. It’s frustrating to have to explain to them why I love to go back to San Francisco so often. San Francisco is my newfound home, representing a whole lot more than just college to me. I go there because I belong there, and I want to see my handful of friends that still live in that area over the summer. But they just seem to believe that if I’m back home with the family for summer, I should just stay there.

I guess I’m just a mix of muddled emotions because I just want them to let me do whatever I want (what teen/young adult doesn’t want that from their parents though). I love my mom and dad a lot, but it’s time for them to realize that I’m growing up and the two semesters away at college helped me grow a lot more than four years in high school.




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